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Greetings to you...


It is with the humblest sentiment that we cordially introduce you to...The Quarters, a fusion of N’awlins and MidWest Cuisine that combines the taste of grass-roots midwest style cooking with the down-home tastes of southern-creole!


The passion behind the dream and the materialization of The Quarters stem from growing up in the MidWest, (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), and the “feeling” that was felt when coming to the table to feast on good food. Sitting down to a good home cooked meal with all the “fixin’s” literally touched the souls of those partaking, evoking laughter, and the warm feeling of togetherness and pure love was felt then and now! The dream came to life when Jade convinced me to go after my dream, and she has been with me every step of the way, from the kitchen to the front of the house! Jade spent time in Louisiana and supplies The Quarters with her renditions of Jambalaya, Gumbo, collard greens and red beans and rice! 


Inevitably, The Quarters will draw our customers with what we call The Trinity"... the taste of good food, how it makes them feel, our uniquely designed menu to be cost efficient and last but certainly not least our display of impeccable customer service and genuine "southern hospitality," with that trinity there is no loosing!


There isn’t a restaurant this side of the Mississippi that serve the type of food we will serve, nor offer the hospitality and customer service we will offer, The Quarters is something totally new, exquisitely delicious and affordable!


We hope that our introduction, and our menu have been enough to lure you to The Quarters, we look forward to meeting you...in person soon!


As Always...Stay focused, stay up and LIVE your dream!



The Quarters-




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